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Four Ways To Boost Your Recycling Rate

Recycling is an important way to cut down on the amount of waste that your business sends to the landfill. If your business only recycles a small portion of what it could, boosting your rate could save you money and lower your carbon footprint. Consider these four ways in which waste management services can boost the recycling rate of your business.

Waste Audits
Waste audits are an efficient way to examine what your business can do to recycle more of its waste. A waste auditor can come in and inspect your entire work process and find out where waste is generated. The auditor will make recommendations about how to decrease waste by cutting down on material and supply usage or switching to more efficient ways of doing things. A waste audit will result in a detailed report that you can act on and boost your recycling rate.

Educating Staff
Another way to get your business to recycle more is to have a professional waste disposal services person come in and talk to your employees. This type of a professional can talk to your employees and explain about the types of items that can be recycled. The speaker can even bring in examples of what is recyclable and what should go into the trash. This can help your business to decrease garbage and increase the amount of material that is properly recycled.

More Bins
In some cases, people at your business might not recycle because they cannot find a bin in which to place the recyclable materials. Your waste management services company may be able to provide you with a variety of bins to place in and around your business. Give each person a bin for recyclables and have them place it in a convenient area of their cubicle or workstation. Also place bins around locations such as the copy or fax machine, meeting rooms and office supply cabinets. If your bins had reached capacity before they were picked up, your waste disposal services provider could also pick them up more frequently. This avoids having overflowing bins.

Switch to Recyclable Materials
During the waste audits, the auditor may find that you are using materials that cannot be recycled. Consider making a switch to recyclable materials. For example, the wrappers around reams of copy paper cannot be recycled in some communities. Consider purchasing paper that is not wrapped in this way or that uses packaging that can be recycled. You could also switch to bulk products that use less packaging overall. See if your suppliers will accept returns of non-recyclable packaging. They may be able to reuse the packaging in future shipments of office supplies.


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