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All About Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct branch of primary health care that utilizes both scientific and empirical methods as well as traditional ones. It includes everything from nutritional and botanical medicine to acupuncture and homeopathy. Naturopathy combines the healing power and innate intelligence of nature with rigorous science in order to promote and maintain wellness. When dealing with an ailment or disease, a naturopath will seek to treat the body as a whole, rather than isolating and treating an individual symptom while the actual cause gets ignored.

The six pillars of naturopathic medicine

• The healing power of nature – This is the recognition that there is an inherent intelligence that resides in the body and in nature. Naturopathic doctors seek to augment and enhance this natural process.
• Identify and treat the causes – Rather than simply continue to treat symptoms, a naturopathic doctor will seek out the underlying reason the symptom exists in the first place.
• First, do no harm – In accordance with the Hippocratic oath, a naturopath will never seek treatment that also harms the patient, such as chemotherapy and radiation. It is for this reason that naturopathy is highly sought as an alternative cancer treatment.
• Doctor as teacher – The doctor educates the patient, teaching them how to control their own health.
• Treat the whole person – Naturopathy realizes that a patient is much more than merely a set of symptoms, and takes into account spiritual and emotional factors as well as physical ones.
• Prevention – Naturopathy puts a heavy emphasis on preventative medicine, such as a clean diet to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure.

Naturopathy and cancer treatments

Because cancer is a terrifying disease with no cure, and the treatment itself makes the patient deathly ill, it should come as no surprise that naturopathy is routinely sought out as a viable alternative to mainstream medicine when it comes to cancer.

Most naturopathic oncology centers use an integrative approach, working with your oncologist to create and administer an alternative cancer treatment where the disease can be eradicated, while body functions such as digestion and your immune system remain largely uncompromised.

What to expect on your first visit

Expect to spend 1 -2 hours on your first visit as your doctor will ask questions about your health history, diet and exercise routines, and the overall reason that you are there. An ND will take their time to ensure they fully understand your condition, and will teach and make suggestions for you to take with you to better understand and manage your health and the healing process.

An ND will be up-to-date on all the latest peer journals and studies, and can definitely “speak the language” of conventional medicine. ND’s bring a whole array of treatment options to the table, some of which you may not be familiar with. This is going to be a much more individualized experience than “Take this pill and see me in 2 weeks.”

A naturopath seeks to eradicate a disease before it occurs, instead of waiting for one to emerge and then reacting to it. If you would like to learn more, visit Sean Ceaser Naturopathic Physcian and check out their online resources.


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