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Become Eat Smart! Apply Now Eat Smart! is an Award program that recognizes top Ontario schools, workplaces and recreation centres that meet exceptional standards in nutrition , safe food handling, and a smoke-free environment. Eat Smart! and feel better! The choice is yours.

Eat Smart!® is an Award program that recognizes top Ontario schools, workplaces and recreation centres that meet exceptional standards in nutrition , safe food handling, and a smoke-free environment. Eat Smart! and feel better! The choice is yours.

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Find out if single serving packaged food products qualify as Eat Smart!® choices in recreation centres and workplaces.

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Eat Smart!®

Support healthy eating environments in secondary schools.

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Promote the workplace as a health-conscious organization.

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Encourage healthy eating together with active living.

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At a ceremony to recognize Century Gardens in Brampton as the first recreation centre in the Region of Peel to receive the Eat Smart!® Award of Excellence, the Eat Smart!® Recreation Centre Program was officially launched in Ontario on April 13th.

The Eat Smart!® Award of Excellence was presented by Peel Region’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Mowat, to Acting Mayor of the City of Brampton, Sandra Hames. Also in attendance for the ceremony were Regional Councillor John Sprovieri and City Councillor Vicky Dhillon, as well as representatives from the Eat Smart!® provincial partner organizations, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario and the Canadian Cancer Society-Ontario Division.

Three-time Olympic gold medalist and Canada's National Women's Hockey Team alumna Jennifer Botterill was on hand as the Master of Ceremonies. Jennifer was joined by players from the Brampton Canadettes hockey team, who were participating in the 44th annual Brampton Canadettes Easter Hockey Tournament, the world’s largest women’s hockey tournament, April 14-17. The hockey players and dignitaries sampled healthy snacks, including hot steel-cut oatmeal, fresh fruit, granola bars, yogurt and bagels from the “Let’s Play Café,” Century Garden’s snack bar.

View the report on the evaluation of the Eat Smart!® Recreation Centre Program Pilot Project.

NOTE: This report is a very large PDF (over 8MB) and can take several minutes to download.

Introducing the Eat Smart!® Choices Calculator, a new user-friendly tool to help evaluate single serving packaged food products to determine whether or not they qualify as Eat Smart!® choices for the Eat Smart!® Workplace and Recreation Centre Programs. Single-serving packaged food products can be sold in vending machines, snack bars, cafés, tuck shops or “grab-and-go” stations in cafeterias. The Calculator is designed to be used by public health staff, food service staff, workplace or recreation centre staff, and consumers.

Click here to go to the Eat Smart!® Choices Calculator

The first Eat Smart!® Workplace Cafeteria Recipe Contest, held in March and April, 2010 was conducted by the City of Hamilton Public Health Services in partnership with Healthy Living Hamilton. In the spirit of a little healthy competition, Eat Smart! Workplace cafeteria chefs/cooks were challenged to enter their favourite recipe in a recipe contest! Each recipe was required to be an entrée prepared using a low fat cooking method as well as vegetables or fruit, and be an original recipe of the contestant.

Registered Dietitians with the City of Hamilton Public Health Services scored the recipes for nutritional value and creativity. They were joined by Annette Hamm, Co-Host of CHCH News Morning Live Show to make the final decision based on taste and appeal.

The winners of the 2010 Eat Smart!® Recipe Contest:

First Place: Apricot Honey Pecan Chicken Breast - Mitch Rogal, Executive Chef, Marketplace on Main, McMaster University Medical Centre, Hamilton Health Sciences Volunteer Association

Second Place: Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla - Todd McLeod, Chef, Dana Hospitality Inc. (ArcelorMittal Dofasco)

Third Place: Moroccan Chicken - Sylvia Moser, Retail Site Manager, Atrium Café, Henderson Hospital, Hamilton Health Sciences Volunteer Association

Honorable Mention: Vegetarian Chili - Lynn Sharpe, Food Services Supervisor, Hillfield Strathallan College

The Eat Smart!® Recreation Centre Program toolkit is now available on-line at
http://www.eatsmartontario.ca/toolkits/. This toolkit provides resources and information for health units that are implementing the Eat Smart!® Recreation Centre Program.

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20 Mar 2012 - London Life Receives First Gold Level Award of Excellence

The Nutrition Resource Centre is pleased to announce that the first gold level Eat Smart!® Award of Excellence was awarded to London Life in London. The award, presented today by the Middlesex-London Health Unit, recognizes the efforts of London Life to offer healthier foods at the business’ cafeteria and the company’s commitment to food safety and nutrition standards.

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